Safepath Laboratories
Quality Diagnostics For Food Safety And Animal Safety
Who is SafePath Laboratories?
A team of experienced professionals with over twenty-five years, and a proven record of innovation, in the development, manufacture, and marketing of high performance immunoassays.

How are we different?
Experienced – whether in medical devices or food safety applications, twenty-five years of problem solving for customers..

Flexible & Responsive.
Tell us your need, or your challenge, we listen and answer promptly.
Vertically Integrated.
From production of antigens and antibodies, through test design and ongoing manufacture, we understand each of our products intimately.

A “No Surprises” Partner.
A USDA Biologics Certified, and FDA Registered Device Manufacturer operating under GMP's, excelling at lot to lot reproducibility and test kits that work every time you open them.


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